Qwik Speak Inline Vite plugin

Inline Qwik Speak inlineTranslate and inlinePlural functions at compile time

How it works

On the server, translation happens at runtime: assets are loaded during SSR and the lookup also happens at runtime.

On the client, translation happens at compile-time: assets are loaded and inlined in chunks sent to the browser during the build, reducing resource usage at runtime.

runtimeAssets are always loaded at runtime, both on the server or on the client, allowing dynamic translations.


Get the code ready

Qwik uses the q:base attribute to determine the base URL for loading the chunks in the browser, so you have to set it in entry.ssr.tsx file:

import { isDev } from '@builder.io/qwik/build';

export function extractBase({ serverData }: RenderOptions): string {
  if (!isDev && serverData?.locale) {
    return '/build/' + serverData.locale;
  } else {
    return '/build';

export default function (opts: RenderToStreamOptions) {
  return renderToStream(<Root />, {
    // Determine the base URL for the client code
    base: extractBase,

Note. The value set through Qwik locale() in plugin.ts is saved by Qwik in serverData.locale directly. Make sure the locale is among the supportedLocales


Add qwikSpeakInline Vite plugin in vite.config.ts:

import { qwikSpeakInline } from 'qwik-speak/inline';

export default defineConfig(() => {
  return {
    plugins: [
        basePath: './',
        assetsPath: 'i18n',
        supportedLangs: ['en-US', 'it-IT'],
        defaultLang: 'en-US'

Available options:

  • supportedLangs Supported langs. Required

  • defaultLang Default lang. Required

  • basePath The base path. Default to './'

  • assetsPath Path to translation files: [basePath]/[assetsPath]/[lang]/*.json. Default to 'i18n'

  • outDir The build output directory. Default to 'dist'

  • loadAssets Optional function to load asset by lang

  • autoKeys Automatically handle keys for each string. Default is false

  • keySeparator Separator of nested keys. Default is '.'

  • keyValueSeparator Key-value separator. Default is '@@'

Note. Currently, only json is supported as format

Now build the app:

npm run preview

The browser chunks are generated one for each language:


│       q-*.js

Each contains only its own translation:


/* @__PURE__ */ Nr("h2", null, null, `Translate your Qwik apps into any language`, 1, null)


/* @__PURE__ */ Nr("h2", null, null, `Traduci le tue app Qwik in qualsiasi lingua`, 1, null)

At the end of the build, in root folder a qwik-speak-inline.log file is generated which contains:

  • Missing values

  • Translations with dynamic keys or params

Load assets

If you need to load translation data from an external source, such as a db, you can implement a custom function with this signature:

(lang: string) => Promise<Translation>

For example:

export const loadAssets = async (lang: string) => {
  const response = await fetch('https://...');
  return response.json();

and pass the function to loadAssets option:

  supportedLangs: ['en-US', 'it-IT'],
  defaultLang: 'en-US',
  loadAssets: loadAssets

The function will be called during the build for each supported language, and must return all translations for that language.

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